The American
I've been writing songs since I was twelve,
which has been quite a while ago, and I just
released my first album. It's called The
American and features some great session
players I was honored to work with. It has a
variety of styles of well made thoughtful and
thought provoking music, with an underlying
theme of hope in these hard times. Thanks for
SCB - 5/15/2010
This album was recorded for posterity
as much as prosperity however, if you
would like to order a copy to help fund
the next album, please follow this link
to my friends at
Steve Corliss Bryant
The American
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American" by
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Songwriters, whether penning AM Rock or
Americana, should generally strive to write
about what they know best. This album is
about the people and places that I've known
best in this great country of ours.

The album is mostly a mix of Electric
Country, Folk Pop, and Americana with a
Country dance tune or two for good measure.
I was honored to work with top rock guitarist,
pianist, mandolin, banjo and steel player, Kurt

Kurt's the finest musician I've ever worked
with. He instantly understood the songwriting
and what was needed to really get the
message across in a completely listen-able
way. The drummer was the fabulous Frankie
Urzetta. Frankie's perfect drumming and his
sweet distinctive harmony vocals grace nearly
every track. Serendipity brought me in touch
with the incredible session player, Russell

There are very few stars that he hasn't played
with and I'm the luckiest non-star around to
have him play such a wonderful violin part in
one of my songs. And the man who created
beautiful vignettes from songs no one had
ever heard before was the inimitable Jim
Stafford. A brilliant producer and bass player
extraordinaire, the album would truly not
exist without him.

It's been a remarkable experience and I hope
that you feel that sense of joy when you hear
the songs.
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Words and Music by Steve Corliss Bryant
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